Hitches, 5th Wheels, and Goosenecks

Installation price for hitches is $50-$100, Goosenecks are $200-$250, 5th Wheels are $200-$250

class1std Class 1 Standard.
class1sportframe Class 1 Sportframe.
class2 Class II Frame Hitch.
class3squaremax Class III Square Max Frame Hitch.
class3roundmax Class III Round Max Frame Hitch.
class3maxeloader Class III Max E-Loader Frame Hitch.
classs4ultra Class IV Ultra Frame Hitch.
class4towbeast Class IV Towbeast Hitch.
Goosenecksigseries Signature Series Gooseneck.
gooseneckperformer Hide-a-goose Gooseneck.
$449 Labor $250
abovebed25Kgoose 25K Above Bed Gooseneck.
sigseries5thwheel Signature Series 5th Wheel.
16K: Call  
18K: Call  
24K: Call  
proseries5thwheel Professional Series 5th Wheel.
15K: Call  
standard5thwheel15k Standard 5th Wheel.
15K: Call  
16K: Call  
standard5thwheel Standard 5th Wheel.
20K: Call  
22K: Call  
slider5thwheel Pro Series Slider 5th Wheel #30094 Labor $175
15K: $569 + $319 for bracket kit  
7-way in bed wiring: $119 installed  
ballmount Ball Mount
1.25" drop: $19  
2.5" drop: $23  
4" drop: $32  
6" drop:$38  
hitchball Hitch Ball
1 7/8": $7  
2": $9  
2 5/16": $12  
pin&clip Pin & Clip
tconn T-1 Connector
  Starter Towing kit (ball mount, ball, pin & clip)
  Class I hitch
$129 and up  
  Class II
$145 and up  
  Class III
$149 and up  
  Class IV
$199 and up  
  Class V (only fits certain vehicles)
$199 and up  
  Extra duty receiver hitch (only fits certain vehicles)
$219 and up  
  Industrial duty receiver hitch (only fits certain vehicles)
$249 and up  
  Front mounted receiver hitch
$129 and up  
  Double locking hideaway gooseneck
  16K 5th Wheel
  20K 5th wheel
  20K rolling 5th wheel
turnoverball Turnoverball Gooseneck.
$529-569 Labor $250
5thwheelcompanion 5th wheel companion
$1099 Labor: $50